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100% Gluten Free & Delivered Across NSW

Side of Lamb

Side of Lamb

Free-range Lamb 

9 kg of premium Australian lamb enough to feed your family for months. Or you can share with friends or family. Excellent value

Comes packed already for the freezer. 

Side of lamb includes 

Lamb leg (typically 1&1/2 - 2kg)

Lamb Chump chops (typically 3 to 5 chops )

Lamb loin chops (typically 7-9 chops )

Lamb shank - you can add extra in the online shop extra cost 

Lamb cutlets - Plain or if you would like them crumbed let us know in the comment section (typically 6 to 9 chops )

Lamb forequater chops - You can also have this as a bone in shoulder or bone out shoulder let us know in the comment section (typically 6-8)

1/2kg Lamb sausages 

Bones for the pet 

Please note apart from the lamb sausages these are just indicative. Each lamb is different.

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